Reasons I’m Glad Summer Is Ending

We had a great summer. Carefree days with endless possibilities ended up filled with trips to the beach and Hersheypark, dozens of books, swimming, a seventeen-mile bike ride, and lots of great food and friends. But every good thing has to come to an end. For every wonderful part about summer, plenty of frustrations kept me on edge.

1. I have to say I am ready to pack away my swimsuit and let my gut do its thing. I’ve been tired of sucking it in all summer. Now that Labor Day has passed and pools are closed, it’s time to hang loose.

2. I’m ready to not have to be so consistent with my shaving, so things might get a little hairy. Don’t worry. I don’t let it get out of control to the point that my husband thinks he’s married to a yeti.

3. Bugs will die soon. They will not die soon enough as far as I’m concerned. Mosquito bites in out-of-reach or forbidden places can be unbearable. One can only resist the urge to scratch an unfortunate boob bite for so long while standing in line at the grocery store. As I tell my kids, once you give in, you can’t stop the scratching. Really, it scares away the customers.

4. What’s the point of showering every day to then walk out the door and immediately sweat, stink up your entire self, and become stickier than a bug trap strip? During summer, you’re clean for a daily total of about five minutes.

5. My son lost his goggles this summer. He borrowed my daughter’s because she never wears them. Guess who decided she suddenly wants to wear goggles? Guess who has a second pair of perfectly fine goggles, which are pink but supposedly too tight? The kids have fussed over that one pair of goggles all summer. I am over goggles.

swim goggles

Dad caved and bought new goggles. He is a nice daddy. I am a mean mommy.

6. Humidity gives me migraines. It’s humid a lot in the south.

7. Humidity makes my hair poof up to about four times its normal size, a giant mass of frizz. I’ll be glad to regain some control over this eighth Wonder of the World.

8. I will not miss having to load up snacks, a pool bag, and the car. I won’t miss chasing the kids as I slather sunscreen on them, telling them I’m not finished yet, and still trying to rub goo all over their faces as they inch away from me and turn their heads in fifty directions. I won’t miss finally jumping into the pool only to see a black cloud close in and hear, “Thunder! Everyone out of the pool!”

Now I can settle back, look forward to cooler fall weather, and listen to my husband sing every week, “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?” Only seventeen-plus more weeks of that, but who’s counting?



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  1. lisa

    I’m done with the humidity too. Spent the morning doing the kid’s hair for her first day of school and then had to wait for the bus for 45 minutes. Complete waste of time.

    • When it rains or rain is coming, I can actually feel my hair swelling the minute I walk out the door. It is hideous. And being headache-prone, ponytails and hats give me headaches. There’s no easy fix.

  2. This made me laugh so much! I love starting my day with your posts. 🙂
    My hubby sings the GameDay morning song.. All weekend long. “Hello. Good mornin'”….. Yikes. I had forgotten all about it.

    • Thank you! My husband has been talking about football for weeks. He says, “It’s only 17 weeks, plus pre-season, plus the playoffs.” Come on. It’s like half the year! And every Sunday at 1 or 4 o’clock for the past two months he’s said, “In so-and-so weeks, guess what we’ll be doing right now?” Please. I know what I’ll be doing and it won’t be watching football. 😉

      • Lol My husband is good at suckering me into “Sunday Funday” where he invites his buddies over for an all-day event of football watching. Not only is he in an adult fantasy football league for himself, but a father and son league too, so it’s all my five year old talks about as well! Tell me about it, sister! 🙂

  3. I loved this line: I have to say I am ready to pack away my swimsuit and let my gut do its thing.

    Amen, sister!

  4. I am with you on bugs. I am tired of bees and flies and mosquitos. But a bit wistful about the kids in school and the togetherness coming to and end. Interesting article this morning about this…sorry the link is so long.

    • Yes, I have indeed missed the kids, but I’m trying not to focus on my annual weeks-long blues fest as they return to school. I posted about that already but could write so much more about it. We had such a great time this summer, minimal fussing really, and with the return of back-to-school comes the attitude from hell. Something about being around friends and foes again brings it out! Should have put that in my post!

  5. Today, I admitted before God and all my blog readers that I am ready for fall. It’s a bit of shocker, because I am a summer time enthusiast, but the colors of fall and swooning me.

    I agree 100% on the bugs, and goggles are always an issue for us. Always.

    • I absolutely adore fall. It’s my favorite season. But this summer I was good. I enjoyed my family and lived in the moment. I did not wish for Christmas in July and fall all summer. But now that school has started, I think it’s OK for me to say “Bring on fall!”

  6. I’m so with you on the bugs! I’m also rolling my eyes at the thought of the “are you ready for some football?” theme. That season never ends!

  7. Number 5 is my favorite reason – in case anyone else decides to vote.

    • I have a feeling you’ve been there.

      • Many years ago, but some things you don’t forget – no matter how hard you try! I remember a holiday with a rented van that would hold my kids just fine. When we joined up with my brother’s family we were often short one seat belt, and the smallest kids had to double buckle. My kids were the smallest – it was a nightmare! It’s better now that they each have their own cars!

  8. Lu

    I am with you! I loved this post! Can I add that I am sick of the temperature going over 100 degrees? (I’m in California.) No thank you..give me some rain already! “Tired of sucking in and shaving” hilarious!

    • Ugh. 100 is the pits. Heat just zaps every ounce of energy you have. It’s getting cooler here at night at least. I have to admit I’ve started wearing socks to bed. Should I admit that publicly?

  9. Okay. I just read that you started wearing socks to bed already, and I can no longer speak to you. There will probably be 2 days in December or January that I will be able to wear socks to bed. If that many.

  10. Great post! Happy Fall to us! I’ve never been a summer kind of girl.

    My kids are nuts about wearing goggles and we have had many fights this summer about the single pair we own. Which is ridiculous since neither of them like putting their faces into water yet.

    Bug bite on the boob! Awful.

    • Nothing worse than a bug in your bra. Well, a bug in your drawers, I guess.

      Goggles are the reason my kids will put their faces in the water. When they didn’t like to get their faces wet, they ran through sprinklers with them on. Sometimes one of them still does.

  11. Living in Australia we are about to embark on all of this lol! I’m so glad winter is comin to an end, it’s been such a cold one this year!!! I’ll keep you posted how our summer goes:)

    • Oh! You can bet at the end of winter every year I am just as happy. I don’t like extreme temperatures. Our last winter wasn’t bad so I’m rather afraid to find out what will happen this year! Where we are in North Carolina, we can get a decent amount of snow. That means snow days. Making up snow days isn’t fun.

      • Snow….how beautiful!!! 3 years ago we went to the states for 4 weeks. Travelled with a 4 year old and 18 month old from one side of the country to the other and saw soooo much snow!!! We enjoyed it as living in Queensland we have beautiful sunny winter days where they can be so lovely people sometimes swim at the beach! I’m the same as you extreme temperatures annoy me….it’s spring here now and the weather is literally perfect at the moment!!!

  12. K. Eley

    After a week of homework, I miss those summer days. My daughter worked so hard on a project that she saved to my laptop. Then my laptop crashed. She had to do her project all over again. My son, who doesn’t like homework, has more homework this year than ever before. I’m already looking forward to next summer. I must say my house is a cleaner now that they are back in school.

  13. transplantednorth

    me too! And what I like most is return to structure and not dealing with my kids post-overnight camp melancholia. Get over it and get back to school, I say! Happy fall (but still, itt’s still Summer until the Autumnal Equinox).

    • Yes, I tried to hint at that without being too technical. But for us, it sure feels like summer has ended once school starts! I think my kids are currently having a structure adjustment malfunction. There’s no easing into this, is there?

  14. amaliabarragan

    I feel your pain over the goggles. Actually is my pain for any non-paired item within my daughters’ reach.
    Hope they grow up this some day.

  15. Reblogged this on Domesticated and commented:
    I, myself, am pretty excited for the FOOTBALL! I agree otherwise…. ready for the fall!

  16. I really am so over the pool and the humidity!

  17. Your post is spot on. My son is 13 months, but other than that difference, I feel like you’re reading my mind.

  18. I needed this post to remind me why I love the fall… For the first time ever I’ve been a bit bummed that summer is over. This reminds me again why summer isn’t always great!

    • Yeah, I actually didn’t want summer to end either. Had a great time with the kids this year and they’re getting older. It’s hard when you know soon you’ll have a middle schooler who will want nothing to do with you! But once school started, I made myself get into the swing of things and remember that there are things I do not like about summer. This cooler weather is awesome!

  19. You just killed me with your “Let my gut do its thing” comment. Pricelsss! 🙂 Alison

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