Reader Difficulties—Please Stand By

I know some of my subscribers aren’t getting my posts through the WordPress reader and I have been posting regularly. I don’t know how many people this affects. If you are having trouble, I don’t know if it may help to unfollow and then follow me again, but make sure you are logged in to WordPress if you do so. As far as I know, everyone is still getting emails of my posts, right? Let me know if you’re having trouble or if you continue to have trouble. I’m trying to work with WordPress to get it cleared up.

And if anyone has any tips or has been through this, please let me know. I know WordPress has been experiencing issues with its reader, but I switched names at the same time. I’m now So far I don’t have many answers.




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16 responses to “Reader Difficulties—Please Stand By

  1. Despite that I blog on WordPress, I subscribe to you with Google Reader (very few of the blogs I follow are actually on WordPress so I don’t use its reader) and I’ve yet to have an issue at all so would assume it’s definitely WordPress related.

    • Yes, I actually get mine with no problems on Google reader as well. I also get mine with no problems on WordPress through its reader but I didn’t subscribe until later! Thanks for your response.

  2. I still get them. One of these days I’ll have time to read them all 🙂

  3. I have not been getting them in the reader (sorry I should have told you) but am still getting them in email form. One of these days I need to organize my blogs into Google Reader and be done with email notifications and WP reader. It is getting a little crazy.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I dropped off my own radar this morning. Great! I will update when I hear from WordPress. I’ve had someone else say they unfollowed and followed me again twice and that didn’t work, so I really don’t know what to do.

  4. JWo

    I emailed WordPress about it because I followed their original instructions but I never saw you last 2 posts in the reader. I did get the emails about them though…

  5. I’m getting emails of yours, but not from all the blogs I follow. My reader won’t even load, I’ve let it go with that twirling loading sign for up to 35 minutes without anything even showing up. Most things I read, I have to go to my dashboard, blogs I follow, and click the link. Makes it difficult to discover any new blogs I may be interested in…

    • I knew they were having a widespread problem but since I changed domain name too, I wondered if I better alert people before everyone falls off my radar and see what I am dealing with. What a mess! If no one can read anyone’s blogs, what will we do all day? Have a life? I guess we’ll finally have something to blog about when this is all over. 😉 Thanks for responding!

  6. Same here. I’m getting the email, but not you in the reader. It’s not just your blog – it’s other ones I subscribe to as well. Total bummer man!

    • OK, then maybe it has nothing to do with my changing my domain name. But it would be nice if when I do make contact with someone over at help, they would actually say that! I can’t get anything but “have your readers contact us.” Let me know if resubscribing worked for you. Until then, I’ll keep posting!

  7. Red

    I am having to individually visit all of my remaining 181 WP followers to suggest RSS or email. It stinks.

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