A Santa Surprise

I didn’t think we’d visit Santa this year. Having a third-grader, I thought he’d deem telling his Christmas wishes to the man in the red suit too babyish. So when my son announced he did want a visit, of course we made a last-minute holiday dash. This, after all, will surely be the last year for him, and I couldn’t let the last opportunity to have both of my kids visit Santa together slip by.

At the head of the line, large signs displayed the rules: no personal photography. Now frankly, I’m cheap when it comes to buying photos of my kids. If I spend money, they better be good. I don’t want to shell out $20 for a picture of my kids on Santa’s lap even if it is for the last time. I’ve bought school pictures of my kids in hopes of quality material only to get squinty eyes and a goober grin that makes my kid look like a constipated, no-lipped goof. I don’t like paying for that mess. And I don’t like paying for Santa when I used to be able to snap my own unposed shots for free. I want candid photos of them talking to Santa or clamming up or whatever the experience may be.

I asked Santa’s helper whether I could snap a few of my own pictures because we always have. Sure, the girl said. Did I want to buy any? Um, no, not really.

So while my kids chatted with Santa, I vied for position with some other lady to get snapshots of them. There wasn’t a lot of time to spare, and this lady and her camera kept getting in my space. Angling for a better view, I was about to nudge her out of the way, those being my offspring after all, and I thought, “Why is she shooting pictures of my kids?”

She leaned toward me, beaming, and whispered between her own shots, “That’s my son.” I guess moms are proud of their kids no matter the age or what they do, and that includes being mall Santa. At least she didn’t have to pay either.santapic



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9 responses to “A Santa Surprise

  1. Oh my Goodness how sweet is that! What a great story! The tremendous amount of love that a mother feels for their child is nothing short of miraculous.

  2. Lisa

    Why didn’t you just take ’em to the Santa at Christmastown?

  3. Ahh – that is great! A mom is a mom no matter the age of their children.

  4. Red

    My sister was the Easter bunny at the mall for six years. I wish I had some of the hundreds of pix my mother still has. And you know what? Mommas will always be proud of their babies. Age does not change a thing!

    Merry Christmas,

    • That’s funny. I realized when I saw this woman that I would likely be there snapping pictures of my grown child too. But I don’t think it ever occurred to me before that I would do that when my kids are grown. I guess you just always look at them and see your baby. Santa didn’t seem to mind a bit. He’s probably used to his momma.

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