My Back-to-School Struggles Aren’t What You Think

I have less than a week left of summer with my kids. For some parents, the school bell can’t ring fast enough. For others, creek days, learning to dive, and making papier-mâché crafts still wait to be crossed off summer’s to-do list.

In six days two kids in my house get dragged out of bed by their toes, driven six miles to school, and put into someone else’s hands. I’ll wait 180 days to have my turn with them again. Which parent am I? You do the math.

I’m guest posting today at Triad Moms on Main. Come read about my annual back-to-school struggle. Pretty please?



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11 responses to “My Back-to-School Struggles Aren’t What You Think

  1. I will miss my kids when they go back to school too!! Also, even though I’m always up early I still hate watching the clock and making sure everyone is out the door on time!! Summer is just way too carefree!

    • Yeah, it’s just nice to not have to rush the kids all the time for every event. We’ve been so much less stressed this summer. And it’s been nice not being around bad influences. 😉 Soon school drama will start.

  2. The summer is always too short, isn’t it? I always dread the beginning of the school year. (My boys have just 6 days left to “just be.”)

    • There is a huge adjustment period in my house. I think around Thanksgiving the kids will be settled in and less cranky. I do a lot of deep breathing and biting my tongue and losing my cool and thinking, “When does this part get better?” I think that is the part I dread most: after school meltdowns.

  3. The transition back to school is the worst! I love summer days and nights… even though i’m old and cranky and hate the sun, sunblock, swimming, the beach… ha!! But i do love my boys home, relaxed, ice cream… so much easier than the crazy of the school year. i am definitely going to miss these summer days… just keep drifting a way…. (sorry couldn’t help myself). i’ll go check out your guest spot now. 🙂

  4. I loved that post! It really is tough to give up that time together, isn’t it? I started back this week, and Dimples is spending all of her fun time with the babysitter until she starts on Monday. 5 more days I could have spent with her…

    • It is tough. Every year the end of the summer is spent planning my daughter’s birthday. I feel bad for her because it is bittersweet. We look forward to it all summer, but in a way, I still hate to see it arrive. It means school starts in a day or two. But for now, we are in full birthday party mode around here for a dear soon-to-be seven-year-old girl!

  5. It seems like yesterday when our youngest last had back to school, but it’s been 5 years already. So hard to believe. It will go so fast, my friend. Glad you’re savoring this time.

  6. I don’t have summers with my toddler son yet but I imagine not having to shuttle him back and forth would be a blessing! I’d love to just take the day at our pace and not at a determined time.

  7. I can relate… I live for summers with my children… This seems to be the times where we make the most special memories together… I will be counting the days until next summer right along with you… Hang in there! 🙂

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