Hide-and-Seek: You’ll Have to Come Find Me

We’re playing hide-and-seek today. But I’ll tell you where I’m hiding. I’m guest posting over at Momma Be Thy Name. Go on over and read what on earth heart attacks, leg cramps, and boobs have to do with playing hide-and-seek with my family. Really, do you have to ask? You guys should know me by now. Check out Momma Be Thy Name if you’ve never been. She’s a mom to one-year-old twins and a toddler. She’s smart and sassy. And hey, she’s having me over for a play date!



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7 responses to “Hide-and-Seek: You’ll Have to Come Find Me

  1. I moved to WordPress.org and lost all my blog followers subscriptions. Grrr! If you subscribed, please re-subscribe through my home page. Thanks!

  2. I loved it. Particularly the boobs part!

  3. LOL – great guest post. I have also been known to, in a moment of panic with only a few seconds left to hide, position myself behind a door. I have not tried the dirty laundry hamper, however. 🙂

  4. You had me at the leg cramps, or was it the heart attack…who am I kidding? I need a curtain with boobs.

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